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Frazier & Oxley, L.C. represents both employers and employees in matters such as sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, and other employment law issues.

We are a Huntington firm with a long history tracing back to 1954 of serving individuals and businesses with quality legal representation.

What Does “At Will” Employment Mean?

West Virginia considers employees “at will.” This means an employer can fire an employee with no advance warning or reason.

However, the law does not allow for wrongful terminations.

Wrongful discharge is when someone is fired because of discrimination related to age, disability, race, or gender. Wrongful termination also can occur if an employee loses their job after filing for workers’ compensation after an injury at work. Employees also can consider filing a lawsuit for a violation of employment if their employer creates other retaliations at work directed at the employee or makes the job a hostile work environment.

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